Blue Runner Black Bean SoupYou wouldn’t think soup would be a big deal in a tropical climate like New Orleans, but you’d be wrong. When the temp drops even slightly, we call it gumbo weather. Because you can’t eat gumbo every day, we recommend you try Blue Runner Black Bean Soup. It has an irresistible smoky flavor and is packed with the fiber and veggies your body craves. It’s a perfect warm-me-up from October all the way through to Mardi Gras parade season. To make it extra special, throw on some cilantro, sour cream and minced red onion, mister! Your fam is going to love it. Serves 6.
Blue White Chicken ChiliThe best white beans are Blue! You’ll love this recipe and will have the urge to make it whenever the thermometer dips below 80. Like most chili dishes, this one is best served on day two but don’t let that stop you from serving it on day one. If you’ve never made chicken chili before, you’re in for a real treat. Serves 8.
White Bean Harvest SaladThere’s much ado about all things pumpkin spice this time of year, but what we get really excited about is butternut squash, which has a sweet, nutty taste similar to pumpkin. In fact, in Australia and New Zealand, it’s called a butternut pumpkin. Roasted with Blue Runner white beans, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, pomegranate arils, mulberries, and other good stuff, and served with a zesty horseradish dressing, this recipe is ideal as a Thanksgiving dinner side or on any night you want to impress your tastebuds. Serves 4.
Thyme and White Bean Pot PieBlue Runner Foods is proud to be a sponsor of the Louisiana Restaurant Association Education Foundation and the Louisiana ProStart Program. This year we partnered with the LRAEF for the first ever #BlueRunnerBeanWeek, a week full of learning the ins-and-outs of cooking with Blue Runner beans. Students enrolled in the ProStart curriculum across Louisiana high schools made recipes during the week using various Blue Runner canned and dry bean products. The final day of Bean Week, students were tasked with incorporating beans into their own recipe. Out of more than 45 recipes submitted, we are proud to announce Stephanie White's ProStart class at Plaquemine Senior High School as the winners! Please enjoy their incredible Thyme & White Bean Pot Pie recipe. Makes 6 portions, portion size is 1 Pot Pie.
Cinco de Beans-ohAnybody who tells you Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s independence from Spain has had one too many margaritas. The truth is Mexico won that battle in 1810. Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates Mexico’s defeat of the French in the Franco-Mexican War at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. While we understand that they celebrate the holiday bigtime in the state of Puebla, it’s a relatively minor holiday in the rest of Mexico. Here in United States, though, Cinco de Mayo has become a huge celebration of Mexican culture. In New Orleans, of course, we’re always looking for a good excuse for a party. These refried beans made with Blue Runner Creole Style Black Beans are delicioso--and they only take 25 minutes. Get cookin’ so you can get dippin’. Serves 4-6.
Instant Pot Red BeansFinally break down and buy an instant pot? Now it’s time to put it to the test. Can it make red beans as good as your mama’s? Only time will tell. And it won’t be that much time at that!
Slow Cooker Red Beans and RiceThink red beans are best slow and on low? You’re not alone. They’re also creamier when you combine Blue Runner dried and canned red beans. Give it a try, then let us know what you think. Mondays just got better…and easier.
Tuna Steak and White BeansIf we were a tuna, we’d want to end up on a bed of Blue Runner White Beans. Don’t let the length of this recipe put you off. It’s easier than it looks on paper and, one bite, and you’ll be so glad you went for it.
Herby Green Rice with Peas and BeansTired of eating the same old things, week after week? Here’s a recipe you’ll love so much you’ll be taking pics of it on your phone and sharing it with all your friends. (Hey, look what I made!) if you’re a fan of goat cheese, don’t pass this one up.
Brothy Beans and ToastSo you fell in love with avocado toast when it became the rage – now it’s time to expand your repertoire even further. First of all, Brothy Beans is fun to say. Second of all, it’s amazing for breakfast, lunch or any old time. Nurture yourself with this recipe as soon as you can.
Best Ever Blue Runner ChiliTexas is known for their chili but Louisiana knows a thing or two, too. Our Blue Runner Homestyle Chili Starter and this recipe are everything you need for a chili night done right. As for toppings, cheese is always good. Green onions and sour cream are even better. And don’t forget the corn chips.
Arugula Pesto and White Bean PanzanellaFeel like pasta tonight? We hear you! This recipe had us at the homemade croutons. When anyone is drizzling olive oil over French bread, we’re there! We also love the fact that something so good for you like navy beans can taste so darn good. We make this whenever we want to impress friends but, mostly, we make it because we love it.
Mardi Gras White Bean, Cauliflower and Potato SoupDown here in Louisiana, we don’t have cold weather often but, when we do, it’s a “wet cold” and soup is the perfect warm-me-up. This easy vegetarian instant pot recipe is great to come home to after you’ve been standing out in the cold at Mardi Gras parades all day. To make it extra special, we suggest adding in a little sour cream and chives before serving. Serves 6.
Black Bean and Chipotle SoupWhen the weather drops below 70 degrees, you may be looking to cook something warm and hearty. A Black Bean and Chipotle Soup will surely do the trick! Loaded with vegetables and Blue Runner Creole Cream Style Black Beans, this soup will provide you with a quick dish to make. Serves 4-6 people.
Three-bean SaladWho says Three-Bean Salad is just for summer? This colorful dish will look great on your holiday table and, trust us, it’s better than the one grandma used to make. This dish is good for up to three days after you make it so it’s perfect for the holidays.
Blue Runner Boeuf Daube (Creole Pot Roast)If you’re from New Orleans, this is your grandmother’s pot roast! Normally this version of French Daube takes longer to make than your typical pot roast but, when you start with Blue Runner Wild Game Base, you can cut time without cutting flavor. You can literally set and forget it. Fun fact: According to the history books, Daube originated in southern France near Spain and–get this–bulls killed in bullfights were butchered and often used for this dish. They called it Daube because It was cooked in a daubiére, a pot with a narrow neck that increases condensation.
Blue Runner Creamy Navy Beans and ShrimpThis recipe is fun to make and one that will impress a lot of guests at holiday time or any dinner party. This dish comes together like Shrimp and Grits, but we used Blue Runner’s Creole-Style beans as an alternative creamy base.
Spicy Sausage + White Bean SoupFall is about gathering together around soup. You’ll find this easy-to-make recipe ultra-comforting. There’s just a hint of spice so don’t let the name scare you off. As for prep time, you know what they say: “The family that slices and dices together eats more homemade soup together!” Give the kids their own cutting boards and make it a family affair.
Orecchiette with Shrimp, Greens & BeansIn A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche Dubois said, “Don't you just love those long rainy afternoons in New Orleans, when an hour isn't just an hour, but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands and who knows what to do with it?” Well, we know just what to do with it: Make this dish. Feel free to substitute your favorite pasta for the orecchiette and use whatever kinds of greens you like best (spinach, rapini, kale, broccoli, escarole or chard). You can also swap out the shrimp for sausage, bacon or scallops. Experiment with different kinds of Blue Runner beans. Recipe adapted from @primal_gourmet
Black Bean + Corn SalsaThis zesty relish can be served on its own with chips, but can also be made into a heartier salad by adding meat, pork loin, lamb, or maybe skirt steak.
Black Bean BurgersBetween homemade, restaurant, and store-bought, these are the best black bean burgers we've ever tried. These burgers are not vegan or vegetarian. (See recipe note to make adjustments if necessary.) With great reviews from taste testers around the world, we're confident you’ll be satisfied with this black bean burger recipe!
Black Bean DipFor a healthier alternative to sour cream, try mixing in nonfat Greek yogurt.
Pasta with White BeansThe key to a soup with fully developed savory flavor starts with the soffritto—a mix of aromatic vegetables that are slowly cooked in the first stage of cooking. Take your time sweating down the vegetables until they are completely softened before letting them take on any color. You’ll be surprised by how much volume they lose and how much liquid they release and by how much unquantifiable richness they lend to the final dish, which is nothing more than a combination of humble ingredients.
White Bean HummusOur favorite garlicky starter with a Creole kick! We love thinking outside of the box, and this recipe does just that. Navy beans serve as an excellent substitute for chickpeas due to their creamy texture and neutral nutty flavor. We took that substitute just a step further by adding in some Creole flare by using Blue Runner Creole Cream Style Navy Beans and serving with Zapp's chips!
Crispy Red BeansIf you like roasted chickpeas, you’re going to love these crispy red beans tossed with fresh herbs and spices.
Two Bean ChiliServe in bowls topped with grated Cheddar cheese and salsa fresca for a festive touch.
Shrimp and White Bean SaladA perfect salad. Light, tasty and ready for any warm day. Ms. Lou likes to make it ahead of time and chill it in the fridge for a few hours.
Red Bean BurgersThis red bean burger is a great alternative for when you're looking for something a little less greasy. Ms. Lou will even make them ahead of time and freeze the patties for grilling later.
Two Bean SaladThis cool two bean salad is a light, refreshing side to any picnic or outdoor activity.
Barbecue Baked BeansThese sweet and tangy BBQ baked beans are a delicious side to any dish. They're so good sometimes Ms. Lou just has them as the main course!
New Orleans Navy BeansThis recipe will surely please the most discerning lover of Creole meals. Try this dish with a side of pork chops or fried catfish. Enjoy!
New Orleans Red BeansJames Beard Award winning Chef Frank Brigsten demonstrates his recipe on this classic New Orleans dish. You’ll dream about these red beans and rice.
Warm Red Bean Pimento Cheese DipJames Beard Award winning Chef Frank Brigsten demonstrates how to use Creole cream style red beans to create a fantastic party dip.
Black Bean Taco DipThis quick and simple Black Bean Taco Dip from Chef Frank Bristen is the perfect go-to dish for tailgate parties and casual entertaining.
Mango Black Bean SaladThis simple Black Bean Mango Salad is the perfect go-to dish for tailgate parties and casual entertaining. Can be served on tacos, eaten as salsa or main dish. 
Pressure Cooker Red BeansLet the pressure cooker take the pressure off of you! Everyone’s favorite dish can now be made in no time.