Our Roots

ACM Since1918

Since 1918, Blue Runner Foods has been making authentic Creole meals. We’ve never deviated from our time-honored recipes and slow-cooking methods that have made Louisiana’s culinary heritage so special. Almost everything we do begins with a real roux, a Creole Mirepoix and the desire to produce only the best-tasting and easiest-to-prepare Creole meals.


We’ve dedicated ourselves to making authentic varieties of easy-to-prepare Creole meals. Whether you love Creole Cream Style beans and rice, or putting your own touch on our Creole meal bases, there’s one thing we’re certain of: Blue Runner will keep you coming back for more.

Blue Runner Foods 01

Blue Runner Foods began making delicious food back in 1918 when the Union Canning Company began canning fresh fruits and a variety of other items. In 1946 the company moved to its current location in Gonzales, Louisiana, where all of our products are still produced today.


Four years later, our signature Creole Cream Style beans were introduced, based on a recipe our founder learned from his grandmother.


Using a time-honored, slow-cooked recipe, Blue Runner Beans simmered their way into an iconic meal occasion. This delicious Creole Cream Style recipe would become the foundation for the future of Blue Runner Foods.

Years later a variety of Creole meal Bases and soups were introduced that have captured the taste buds of Creole meal lovers across the nation.


Today, we are known for our commitment to producing authentic Louisiana Creole meals that are easy and ready-to-serve.


As our product line has expanded beyond just Creole Cream Style Beans, we still honor the authentic recipes and slow-cooking methods that got us here. This is what makes Blue Runner so unique, and we invite you to see for yourself. Bon Appétit!