We’re best known for our Creole Cream Style Red Beans, but we actually make a wide range of products. Read about them here.

The shelf life listed below is approximate and only applicable if stored properly. It is best to follow the “Best By” dates on the products. If your product does not have a “Best By” date it is beyond our recommended shelf life.


General Shelf Life:

Canned Beans: 3-5 years
Dry Beans: 2 years
Soups: 3-5 years
Bases: 3-5 years

In order to check the exact date the product was made, you can check the 8-digit code printed on the bottom of the can. The code is as follows:


Example: GB058RB1

G– Gonzales
B– Month (February)
05– Day
8– Year
RB– Product type (Red Bean)
1– Cooking round

Blue Runner Foods provides the nutrition information of each product on the can or bag following all government regulations. You can find all nutritional information in the white box on the back of each product’s packaging. An example of this nutritional label is shown below:


We leave it open ended so that people can experiment and find what works for them.  However, we typically use about a pound of meat or seafood per base. Let us know what you think!

Store in a cool, clean, dry place where temperatures are below 85 degrees (between 50-70 degrees is good) but not freezing temperatures.

There is no need to freeze unopened cans of beans because the canning process preserves our products. After opening, beans can be frozen in an airtight container for a short period of time. There should not be a significant change in the flavor, but the character of the beans will most likely be altered. After being frozen, the beans tend to be much softer than normal. If you do decide to freeze our products, we do not recommend freezing for an extended period of time or freezing in the can. After prolonged freezing, beans may develop a “freezer burn” taste.

The best way to store the product after opening the can is in an airtight container in a refrigerator. We do not recommend refrigerating the beans in the can.

Contrary to popular belief, the best place to grow red kidney beans and navy beans is not in the South. We select the best quality beans based on the water content of the soil and other factors. As a result, the majority of our beans come from farms up north in Minnesota and Michigan. For more information on where beans are grown, go to https://beaninstitute.com/beans-101/ and see slide 7.

All of our beans and bases are produced and packaged in our manufacturing facility in Gonzales, LA.


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We do not offer a direct order service. The majority of our products can be purchased directly through our website /  amazon.com / walmart.com / cajungrocer.com / neworleansshowcase.com 

Please inquire about product location by filling out our contact form. Be sure to include your city and state.

Our plant is located in Gonzales, LA.

You may submit your resume to jobs@bluerunnerfoods.com.  We will keep your resume on file if anything becomes available.  Alternatively, feel free to stop by and fill out an application. The office hours are 7:00a.m.- 4:00p.m. and the address is the following:


Blue Runner Foods
726 S Burnside Ave
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(225) 647-3016

Blue Runner Foods has a long history that is deeply rooted in Louisiana! We love to share our story, you can read all about it here on our history page!